Medications to Avoid Before Surgery

Section One:

The drugs listed below can have undesirable side effect that may affect your anesthesia or surgery. Please let your surgeon know if you are currently taking any of these medications.

Achromycin                               Adan                             Amitriptyline HCL          Amoxapin

Anafranil                                   Asendin                        Aventyl                         Carbamezapine

Co-Tylenol                                Comtrex                        Desipramine HCL          Desyrel

Dilantin                                     Doxepin HCL                Effexor                          Elavil

Ephredra                                   Ephedrine                      Extrafon                        Flexeril

Imipramine HCL                        Isocarboxazin                Limbitrol                        Ludiomil

Maprotiline HCL                         Matylane                       Medipren                       Mystecin-F

Norpramin                                 Nortriptyline HCL           Novahistine                   Omade

Perphenazine                            Pheneizine sulfate         Procarbazine HCL         Pseudoephedrine

Sinequan                                   Sumycin                       Sumontil                       Tetracycline

Tofranil                                     Tranylcypromine            Tri-Cyclen                     Triavil

Trimpramine maleate                  Viagra                           Vibramycin                    Vioxx

Vivactil                                     White Willow Bark           Zomax                               

Section Two:

VITAMINS/HERBAL SUPPLEMENTS: The vitamins and herbal supplements can cause abnormal bleeding problems and can affect your cardiovascular system. Below is a list of herbal supplements/vitamins that may affect surgical outcome and safety. These vitamins/herbal supplements should be avoided for at least two weeks prior to surgery.

Dong Quai                                 Echinacea                     Ephedra                        Feverfew

Fish Oils (Omega 3 fatty acids)           Gingko Biloba                Ginseng                        Glucosamine

Goldenseal                                Garlic                            Kava                             Licorice

Saw Palmetto                              St. John’s Wart (all types)           Valerian            Vitamin C (more than 2000mg daily)

Vitamin E (more than 400mg daily)

Section Three:

DIET PILLS: Patients having surgery must discontinue any diet pills for at least 2 weeks prior to surgery. This includes but is not limited to Phenetamine, Reduz, Ephedra (any type), and both Prescription and Over-the-counter non-prescription Diet Pills. Please let your surgeon know if you have any questions about this policy, but the unknown risks of these substances (however small if may be) is simply not worth it when having an elective procedure. Failure to abide by this policy may result in cancellation of surgery.

Section Four:

NICOTINE PRODUCTS: Nicotine reduces the blood flow to the skin any may impair healing. Quitting smoking drastically improves the body’s response to surgery.

Cigarettes                                 Cigars                           Nicotine Gum/Patches


Please click here to download an additional list of medications and herbs that affect bleeding.